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3D printed Casters

February 15, 2021 - After I built a large bike ramp using the same technique as my Portable Bike Ramp, I realized that it was too great to be kept in one place in my backyard.  But at 35 lbs and 4 feet long, it was a hassle to move around.  Instead of buying some casters from the hardware store, I took this as an opportunity to design and 3D print my own!

For the wheels, I reused some from an old skateboard.  In order to strengthen the axle, I reused some scrap metal pole used for lawn signs.  With my materials selected, I began sketching the general design, shape, and angles on scrap cardboard.  This way, I could easily visualize the product and make changes before 3D printing.  I then transferred the design into Fusion 360.  An interesting design feature is the dovetail joint that joins the two sides of the caster, which isn't there just for looks; it's used to easily align the the 2 halves of the caster.  Also, I saved hours of print time and lots of plastic by leaving a "hole" through the side of the caster.  Once that was done, I began the 6 hours of 3D printing!

With the parts printed, assembly was easy.  The casters are extremely sturdy and serve their purpose well.  This design should work with all skateboard wheels, so I encourage you to print your own below!


Cardboard mock-up

Image 2-15-21 at 3.47 PM.jpg
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