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portable bike ramp

Jul 18, 2020 - With trails closed during quarantine, I really needed a way to get my adrenaline pumping, and stay active in a fun way.  One of my passions is mountain biking.  As I start to do harder and harder trails, I need to become better at jumping.  So, I decided to make a small, Portable Bike Ramp to help me gain some skills.

I knew I wanted my ramp to be small/portable, sturdy, and safe.  So after much research on YouTube, I started designing my ramp.  For the sides, I used 1/2" wood, for the surface, I used 1/4" wood, and for the structural crossbars, I used 2x4's.  I anchored a string to a pole and tied the other end to a pencil, to make a nice, even curve.  I also added a case pad (flat top), so if I used this ramp as a landing, I wouldn't pop a tire coming short.  To make sure the ramp was as sturdy as possible, I angled some crossbars vertical in reference to the curve.  Once the basic construction was done, I drilled some holes for a rope to pass through.  Originally, I had just a handle, but later on I decided to make it a backpack, especially useful when biking to a location.  For a final touch, I added duct tape to protect the high wear areas.

I love the final product and I really feel myself improving every time I use it!  In the end, it measured only 25” x 13” x 9”, and is comfortable as a backpack.  Ramps work in an infinite number of shapes and sizes, so build one tailored to you!

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