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Dec 23, 2020 - After Santa Clause, 3D printers are one of the best holiday gift makers there is.  My cousin recently got a new VW and my uncle has been a BMW owner for nearly 30 years, so this year, I decided to design and print them unique keychains, that can only be made using 3D printing technology!

The keychains consist of 2 functioning gears in a 2:1 ratio, but the coolest part of the design is that there is no glue, screws, or support needed to make this, even with 3 moving parts.  By printing the large gear first by itself, one can insert it into the outer case while it is printing, making it impossible to be taken out once the print is complete.  Next, with the small gear in place, the hook (that connects to the actual keychain) can be printed around the small gear and outer case.  This method ensures that the print is sturdy, simple, and sleek.  Another cool feature is a hole through the middle of the outer case, so you can see the logos from both sides.

In the future, I would like to fine tune the tolerances a bit more, but in the end, they came out great, and luckily my cousin and uncle thought so as well!  My biggest worry was the durability, but after a couple of days of real-world testing, they are holding up great.  These are great ways to personalize your keys, so I encourage you to make your own below!

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