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Triangle Twisty Puzzle

May 28, 2020 - After having learned how to solve 3x3x3, 2x2x2, and other Rubik's cubes in 5th grade, I always had the dream of inventing and 3D printing my own twisty puzzle.  I wanted to create a unique puzzle easy enough that it could be solved by a novice "cuber" but still had some challenge.  So, after 4 years and many sketches and brainstorms, I came up with this idea; the Triangle Twisty Puzzle.

There were many challenges I encountered when designing this.  To make sure the edge pieces stayed firmly in place, I designed some circular rails.  In addition, due to the natural off-camber rotation of the triangle shape, I had to curve the inner edges of the edge pieces so that they did not lock each other in place.  By far, the biggest design challenge was designing the corner pieces.  There were two criteria they had to fit; they had to be easily 3D printable, and not slide or rotate out when the edge pieces were turned.  I solved this by making the connection angled.  This made sure that the corner did not slide out.  Putting a nub and dent on the corner and edge pieces made sure that the piece did not rotate out.  The best part is that this whole design can be printed without the use of support material which helps surface finish, and therefore improves turning ability! 


In the future, I want to make it a bit more compact, improve turn-ability, and maybe add a second layer - stay tuned.


I colored each side using some sharpies.  I was thrilled to find that the puzzle is the degree of difficulty I wanted!  I had so much fun designing this so I hope you have as much fun solving it!

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