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Tennis Trainer Racquet

June 11, 2022 - As high school tennis season came to a close, I knew a summer of tennis improvement was ahead of me. Thus, I wanted to create a useful tool that would seamlessly help me improve my consistency: enter the Tennis Trainer Racquet.  This specialized racquet is designed to force the player to hit the "sweet spot" in the center of the racquet with each shot (check the video below).

My first step was visualizing the project in CAD.  With the goal of mimicking the exact feel of my actual racquet, I was sure to precisely replicate the measurements of the handle into the model.  While the handle got sent off to 3D print, I created a "to scale" PDF of the head of the racquet (pictured below).  The best part is that the whole model is adjustable to any length racquet.


After some cutting with the bandsaw, sanding, and super-glueing, the racquet was finished.  With the addition of some authentic tennis grip, the Trainer Racquet mimicked the feel of my real racquet to a T.

If you're looking to improve your tennis game,

download the files below!

Image 6-11-22 at 9.49 PM.jpg
Image 6-11-22 at 9.50 PM.jpg
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