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Slingshot Bracelet

Aug 27, 2019 - My goal for this gadget was to create a compact and sophisticated slingshot toy.  When looking at the goal-post like shape, I noticed that I could make multiple miniature slingshots that could attach to each other to create a bracelet.  I did this by creating a nub and dent on each side.  To make sure the parts were flexible enough to snap together, I included a spring-like structure between the bottom posts, which doubles as a place to hold the slingshot.  Since the slingshots were too small to have a pouch, I designed specialized ammo that is grippy for your fingers, and has curved edges to keep it within the rubber band.  Every part except the rubber bands were 3D printed.


So, each segment is its own slingshot; snap them together, and you’ve got yourself a bracelet!

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