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Screwdriver Restoration

December 28, 2022 - During my visit to my grandparents house for the holidays, I encountered some intriguing vintage tools and gadgets (pictured in the video below). One of these was a small toolset that had a screwdriver with interchangeable heads. However, the original yellow handle was cracked and damaged (pictured left), so I decided it was a perfect opportunity to not only fix it, but also improve it.

The final 3D printed handle has a variety of useful upgrades, such as a swiveling section that makes it easier to apply pressure while screwing with one hand, a more ergonomic shape, and a wider diameter (maximized to fit in the original case). Despite there being 2 separate plastic pieces, it can be printed in place, with no post-print assembly. A tight fit between the 3D print and original brass tool was ensured by heating the brass tool before inserting into the plastic–a new technique for me.

In the end, this screwdriver restoration helped me to restore other old gadgets I found, such as a 1980s Casio alarm clock (video below). I hope this creation inspires you to repair old things with new technology as well!
Image 12-28-22 at 8.29 AM.jpg
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