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Handlebar Holder

July 25, 2021 - With mountain biking season starting up, it's time to get bikes up to speed with yearly maintenance jobs.  To perform most of these jobs, bikers like myself use bike stands.  Unfortunately, with a bike stand, handlebars and front tires can swing uncontrollably in the air. After having brake fluid spill from my bike during a brake bleed due to this very issue, I knew I had to design and fabricate a universal Handlebar Holder in order to keep the handlebars in a fixed position during maintenance.

Consisting of 4 3D-printed parts, 3 screws, 2 wooden sticks, and a rubber band, the Handlebar Holder really does hold your handlebars in place!  This design will work on any bike with standard size handlebars (22mm) since it has a ball joint that joins the handlebars to the frame at any angle.  Assembly is easy; all 3D printed parts just snap together, including the ball joint.

Doing work on the front side of my bike has become a lot easier as the whole bike is more stable on the stand.  If you are someone who works on their bike, I encourage you to make your own below!

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