Foldable Ramp pic.jpeg

Foldable Bike Ramp

Sept 7, 2020 - For this project, I knew I wanted to find a way to use CAD in wood working.  The idea for a Foldable Bike Ramp had always been in the back of my mind, and being able to whip up virtual, 3D models without having to waste materials was intriguing.

There were a handful of design challenges I needed to overcome, that turned into cool design features.  Using my CAD model (1), I was able to print out an exact profile (2) for the "legs".  Another cool feature is how the area touching facing the ground is completely flush with the ground.  Knowing the angles I needed to cut from my CAD model, I designed a block that would set my jigsaw to that exact angle (3).  The "legs" were then cut out (4) and then traced out on to another piece of wood (5).  Using a router, I engraved that profile (6).  Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see how everything fits together!

In the end, the ramp is extremely sturdy, extremely easy to assemble, and folds to less than 1" thick!  I have jumped this ramp over 100 times and it is still working perfectly.  It can also be used as a computer stand.  I loved combining 3D design and woodworking, and will definitely be doing it more!

Check out the build plans below!

Image 9-3-20 at 6.32 PM.jpeg