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Bike Stand Tool Tray

Jul 12, 2020 - I am constantly woking on my mountain bike, and having a space to put screws and the right tools within reach makes the bike repair experience much easier.  In need of something like this, I decided to make the Bike Stand Tool Tray.

Having your bike standing up makes repairing it much easier, so that's why I have a pre-bought bike stand.  The tray was made entirely out of scrap wood secured together with wood glue and clamps.  To make it sturdy, the brims are all overlapping each other on one side.  Once the tray was done, I took measurements of the bike stand and thickness of the wood, and designed and printed all the pieces.  The tray was screwed to the anchor on the stand, and the supports were then glued to the tray.  Done!

I am so thrilled on how useful this tray is, I use it all the time!  It has fallen over many times and is still holding up.  This is a super quick project, so use these techniques to make something of your own!

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