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magic 1x1x2

Jun 20, 2020 - I always love learning magic tricks from my grandpa.  So, it was my turn to finally fool him.  Luckily, I had something special up my sleeve to help me out; my 3D printer.  I wanted to make something deceivingly easy, and with a subtle solution.

Enter, the Magic 1x1x2; the easiest puzzle of all time, fixed 90° from its solved position.  Turn it upside down, shake it, and it won't budge.  But lay it down horizontally and give it a spin and magic... you can turn it just 90° to solve it!

The design was very simple.  I made 2 tubes along the long edge of the cube, in opposite positions to one another (check the image below).  Each tube holds one fishing weight, where at least one is blocking the cube cube from rotating at all times.  When the cube is spun, both weights get shot out of the way of the sliding surfaces by centrifugal force.  This is why just flipping it won't solve it!

I had a great time fooling people with this, and I hope you do too!

Image 6-20-20 at 5.44 PM.jpeg
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